I remember my first visit in Helsinki at winter. Close resemblance to St. Petersburg of course, first came to mind. Together with overall relief, one can also notice that buildings are quite individual. Each house has own history and some even have words engraved on them. Going into inner yards is like an adventure, and there is some kind of magic about those terraces.

Somehow, this city combines vintage architecture and cobblestone roads with modern perfectionist geometry of new buildings. Taking a walk through the center in early morning feels very unusual. It is almost like being in some kind of a limbo, where memories of past and dreams of future interleave together.

Citizens of Helsinki are usually not in hurry, which is noticeable. Although city doesn’t look huge and, and even appears somewhat peaceful, there are numerous of events happening each day, scattered among wide peninsula. It is actually amazing how much this city has to offer, from business to leisure.