My name is Ilia Kempi, and I am an engineering student, specializing in electronics and electricity. Previously, I have graduated from technical college, and now studying my 4th year in University of Applied Sciences. Currently I am living in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

From my very childhood I was inspired by science, engineering and innovation. I have been reading Soviet educational magazines and playing with wires and vacuum tubes instead of constructor. My mother often took me to her work, full of computers with DOS on them. There I was learning BASIC by trial-and-error. My family was not rich, and I was mostly reading books before I got my first own computer at the age of 15. Then I broke it immediately, and fixed it myself later.

I love the engineering approach of slicing problem to pieces, and building the solution from the core to the wings. I also do like to hack things and exploit technical base I am given. One of my hobbies is to collect portable game consoles, I am fascinated by Nintendo Gameboy. Another hobby, stepping my father’s footsteps – is film photography. You can find some of my photos on this website.

Philosophy and religion are my things of interest as well. I believe that true inventor and a man of science should extend one’s knowledge to every aspect of life. In free time I do some martial arts and meditation. I also read books about applied philosophy, and would gladly have a conversation about great ideas, different ways of thinking and whatnot.


My contact info can be found from my Resume. Visit also my LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Sincerely yours,
Ilia Kempi